Block paving and gravel driveway inspiration

Your driveway is more than a place to park your car, it’s a focal point for your house. Any driveway occupying a prominent position on your property – usually in front of your house – is often the first thing anyone notices.
By designing a great driveway, you can make your property stand out from the rest, maximize its curb appeal, and make it look its best. The best driveway ideas take advantage of size, shape, and space – in addition to looking good, they are robust, resilient, and functional.

KS Paving driveway ideas

There are many ways to get a stylish driveway, whether you live in a small house or on a large estate. See our products by clicking these quick links, or scroll down for inspirational driveway ideas if you don’t know what type of driveway you want.

traditional block paving Block paving and gravel driveway inspiration


A number of driveway designs feature block paving, and for good reason – it’s extremely versatile. With the use of warm, sepia-toned paving, this property achieves an aged look that is timeless and elegant. Block paving driveways complement most types of brickwork in an understated but softly muted manner.

stone block paving Block paving and gravel driveway inspiration

Set in stone

A more traditional driveway option than concrete or tarmac, stone stands out in a world of concrete and tarmac. Adding a touch of class to its surroundings, stone has been used for centuries in path, walkway, and driveway designs.

Stone finishes are hard-wearing and sophisticated, making even the most majestic houses seem even more majestic. Modern homes can have a vintage charm. By laying the driveway in smooth lines, your driveway will look rich, premium, and fashionable.

gravel driveway Block paving and gravel driveway inspiration


Considering a large sweep of gravel at the front of your home? Especially if you need plenty of parking space, it can be very convenient.

You should add plenty of greenery to the view to balance out all that hard landscaping material. This will result in a softer and more welcoming scheme – not to mention a more colorful one. It can also add a sense of privacy if you go for taller plants.

It’s not necessary to stick to straight lines when designing. Try adding flowerbeds and perhaps a small lawn in curved shapes instead, bordered by a smart edge for additional definition. Your front garden ideas will look beautiful with this approach.

all round design block paving Block paving and gravel driveway inspiration

An all-round design

Throw some shapes into your paving to give it some personality. If you want to design a driveway or any other part of your property, you can be just as ambitious as you are with a patio.

It is possible to achieve this look by laying various shapes that can create an eye-catching focal point and go well with other features such as flower beds.

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