Everything you need to know about block paving

What is block paving?

Block paving (sometimes called brick paving) is the most popular surface type for driveways and pathways. It uses a series of individual blocks arranged in an interlocking formation to create an attractive as well as robust structure that can withstand significant lateral pressure.

Where can you use block paving?

Typically, block paving is used for driveways and pathways but it is also sought-after for patio projects too. It is highly popular and widely used for driveways due to the vast scope for creativity that block paving presents with the different styles, shapes and colours that are available and its durability even in high traffic areas. It is also a great solution for patios and lighter traffic areas, where you can creatively use blocks in combination with other materials to achieve stunning designs.

Why choose block paving?

Block paving boasts many visual and practical benefits, so whilst it is costlier than other options such as gravel, it remains the material of choice for many looking for an attractive and long-lasting driveway.

Some benefits include:

  • There is an extensive selection block paving products in different sizes, shapes and colours to choose from to create an aesthetic that is distinctive and truly personal to you.
  • It adds all-important curb appeal to your property. It is estimated that a good looking driveway can add up to 10% to the value of your home, conversely, a house that lacks curb appeal is shown to lead house hunters to knocking off 10-20% from the asking price for the property; highlighting the importance of having a driveway that makes a striking and lasting impression on guests, passersby and prospective buyers.
  • In the event that a repair is required, individual blocks can be easily removed and replaced without disrupting the rest of the paving, meaning this is not a costly or time-consuming process.
  • It is incredibly long-lasting and hard-wearing, making it the ideal material for all surfaces around the property.

Who installs block paving?

Using an expert company that specialises in driveways and block paving is the best option when it comes to installing paving. This ensures that the ground preparation and laying of the blocks is done according to industry standards and that there is adequate sloping for drainage – good foundations stops your driveway from sinking in areas and more experience will mean the bricks are interlocked in the correct way. Not only this, they will be able to use their technical expertise to advise you on the design, so that both parties are happy with both the aesthetic aspects and the structural integrity of the block paving.

Block paving types

Whether you’re looking for a neater, more contemporary look or something more traditional, the variety of block paving products and design options available means you’ll be sure to find and create an outstanding landscape that you (and your property) will love. There are many manufacturers to choose from, amongst the market leaders are Brett, Marshalls and Hanson.Even once you have chosen the product(s) you wish to use, there are further options to explore – colour, pattern, shape, direction, borders, edgings, to name a few. An expert will be able to guide you through creating a stunning, distinctive design that uses the product(s) that you like and incorporates different methods to form distinct areas and frame your driveway or landscape – leaving you with a well-thought functional and attractive product that you can be proud of.

Our block paving and driveway specialists at KS Paving Ltd are dedicated to providing the best solutions to our clients through high quality workmanship and the use of market leading materials. We take pride in the standard of our work, as we strive to deliver a professional and personal service to all our clients. Our expert team operates in Reading, Berkshire, Oxfordshire and Buckinghamshire, so get in touch with us today on 01189 696630 to arrange a free site survey and receive a written quotation.

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